Planning Calendar For Students


  • Registration will begin the 3rd Saturday in September. Each student will receive a Student registration packet that will include the Student Handbook, which will include student responsibilities and the duties of the Student Body Officers.

  • Each class should identify a class secretary by the second class in September or the first class in October.

  • The last school year secretary or Vice President should collect any new information during the first and second Chapel Service of the new academic year.

  • Student Body elections should take place during the third Chapel Service of the new academic year. A Faculty Advisor in conjunction with the Dean will facilitate the election process utilizing Robert's Rules of Order.

  • Instructor's for each class should review Studet Body Officers responsibilities before Chapel election.

  • Senior' in conjunction with a Student Body Advisor should begin preliminary preparations for the Christmas Luncheon by the 3rd Saturday in October. (see hand book section Christmas Luncheon) ¬†Form a Christmas Luncheon Committee including a Junior, Sophmore and Frshmen representatives, Identify a list of potential speakers for the Dean's approval, secure the date from the Dean.


  • Student Body Elections, 1st Saturday of the month

  • Regular Chapel Services should begin with a Senior as speaker.

  • The Christmas Luncheon Committe should continue work on flyers and tickets.


  • Continue work on the Christmas Luncheon

  • Tickets to sell should be ready for distribution to the Student Body.

  • Begin putting data together for yearbook ads

  • Confirm Christmas Luncheon Speaker with a letter and confirm the number of guests, they will bring.


  • Preliminary count of tickes sold by the 1st Saturday.

  • Seating arrangement for the Christmas Luncheon guests should be completed.

  • Faculty, Teaching Assistants and Administrative Staff with guests should be completed.

  • The Christmas Luncheon 12:00-3:00 p.m. the 3rd Saturday.

  • The Begining of Christmas Break, lasts until the 3rd Saturday in January.


  • Distribute ad sheets for yearbook through class secretaries.

  • Seniors form committee(s) for Graduation Luncheon and Yearbook

  • Report earnings and payouts from Christmas Luncheon then project budget for graduation

  • Begin taking yearbook pictures.


  • Seniors identify speaker(s) for graduation luncheon and commencement and submit to the Dean.

  • Distribute budget projections for graduation activities.

  • Get an update as to where students are with yearbook ads.

  • Yearbook committee should begin gathering pictures and distributing bio forms to classes.

  • Seniors begin working on Final projects.


  • All graduation committies should meet every class session.

  • Status on ads for yearbook and buget status (are you on target with your projections).

  • Initial contact, and followup letters to speakers should go out.

  • Advise student body of graduation status for luncheon and commencement.

  • Students should begin turning in ads for the yearbook.

  • Yearbook committiee should begin gatherings letters fron the Dean and other letters as needed.

  • Preliminary desigh for graduation program and for the luncheon should begin.

  • Graduation Luncheon menu finalized with kitchen staff.

  • Senior "final Project Draft's" due by the last of March.


  • Tickest for the Graduation Luncheon should be passed out by the first class in April

  • Senior bio draft given to each graduate for review and editing, and returned by the second class in April.

  • Each class scripture and student pictures are due to yearbook committiee by the first class in April.

  • Final draft of the yearbook is due by the end of April.

  • Senior's guest list, including their respective Churches should be mailed out.

  • Seating arrangements for the graduation luncheon should be completed by the end of April.

  • Order robes and class rings for Seniors and Juniors. (see Administration)

  • Last of ads and patrons lists are due by mid-April

  • Yearbook to printer by mid-April.

  • Review the first draft of the yearbook before the final printing at the end of the month.

  • Senior's final Projects due No later than the last class in April.


  • Final count of luncheon ticket money due by the first class.

  • Confirm speakers and their guest with a call the first week in May.

  • Final seating arrangement completed by the second week in May.

  • Confirm the final count with the kitchen staff by the second week in May.

  • Yearbooks should arrive ten days prior to the luncheon.

  • Finalize, with administration, the buletin for graduation.

  • Luncheon bulletins should be completed and at the school prior to the luncheon.

  • Confirm any other speakers, musicians for the luncheon and graduation.

  • Rings and robes should arrive.

  • Student body Officers should meet one week after graduation to finalize the budget and notes for the following graduating class.