About Our Student Body Officers

  The success of the Student Body lies in the effectiveness of the leadership nominated to fill the slate. Without the dedication of those officers nominated, the Student Body will flounder. Before you nominate a candidate, prayerfully seek an individual who has demonstrated the following characteristics:

1. Strong Christian Character and is trust worthy
2. Embrace the call to leadership with passion and Boldness
3.Has insight and vision to see and plan
4. Dedicated to the assignment and will sacrifice themselves
5. Ability to get the job done
6. Communicates well with others

  Election usually occurs at the third Chapel Service. A review of the Student Body positions will be discussed in the first and second Chapel Service by the Dean and or a Faculty Advisor.

  We ask that as you nominate and elect each officer to fulfill each of the positions listed on the (Student Body Officers Grid page) be prayerful in choice. Be Spiritually led and not follow the crowd. Your Student Body Officer's first priority is always concern for the betterment of the Student Body and the School and not self.

  Thus the officers, under the auspice of the President, must be prepared before conducting Chapel Service. This means that all minutes, financial reports, announcements and other pertinent information to handed out, must be completed.

  Our Student Body, in previous years, has taken a very active role in the life of the School.

  Class officers are elected from amongst yourselves to be liasons between the Dean, Faculty, and the Administrative Staff of CICR. Any student can be elected to any office with the exception of President. The President should be elect from the senior class.

  It has been past practice to elect officers with in the respective classes as well. Your classroom instructor will guide you through the process. Class secretaries in particular are very helpful to the instructor by keeping attendance records and recording payments for textbooks if necessary.

  Lastly, in recent years the Junior and Senior class students have the option of purchasing a class ring. Your Student Body President will be notified of the date for students to be measured for their rings. The office will keep all deposits and records for rings. Rings must be paid in full before the order is delivered.